Residential Remodeling & Renovations

Over the years of owning a home, your style preferences may have changed, your needs may have evolved or your family may have grown and you may find that you need more room or want to maximize your current space to improve the functionality of your home. Rather than search for a new home or start from scratch with a custom build, a home improvement or renovation project may be the best option to help make the home you live in, the home you love!

N. Riley Construction can help you make your current home your dream home. We know that budget, quality of work and time can be your most important concerns when thinking about undertaking a home renovation project. Our vast experience managing existing home projects means that we offer sound advice and recommendations, keep you informed, ensure your project is conducted with transparency and as little disruption as possible so that you can enjoy the process.

Just like a custom home build, a renovation and remodel project requires a thorough evaluation of your concerns, needs, style and most importantly budget.

  • Our estimate process is meticulous and thorough, we focus on minimizing ‘surprises’ and we work to ensure you’re prepared with what to expect throughout the different phases of your project. We consistently work with you through the entire project to ensure we’ve delivered on the things that mattered most, that we’ve successfully incorporated your style into the new design and we’ve kept to the designated budget you’ve set for your project.
  • We take pride in our quality and project management. From scheduling to obtaining permits throughout the actual construction, there are always open lines of communication.
  • We are committed to clean and safe worksites and delivering a finished result that exceeds your expectations.

No matter the size of the project, with a home remodel or renovation, N. Riley Construction can complement the existing aspects of your home with things like modern updates or more square footage. It’s your opportunity to redefine how you live, without changing where you live.

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